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    Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Toggle & Swage

    • Manufactured from polished stainless steel seamless tube
    • Supplied with a Threaded toggle at one end and Swage Stud (061) at the other end
    • Swivel toggle action allows full articulation in two planes
    • Designed to fit most chain plates and fixing points
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    Product Code: ST24

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    Left Hand Right Hand

    Inch Only Metric Only
    SKU Wire Size (Metric)Wire Size (Imperial)Thread (UNF)Fully Open (MM)Fully Closed (MM)Fully Open (INCH)Fully Closed (INCH)Toggle Width (MM)Toggle Width (INCH)Toggle Pin (MM)Toggle Pin (INCH)
    ST24-03 3 MM1/8"1/4"213.0151.08.3865.9456.40.2526.41/4"
    ST24-144 4 MM5/32"1/4"220.0158.08.6616.2206.40.2526.51/4"
    ST24-04 4 MM5/32"5/16"239.0171.09.4096.7328.40.3317.95/16"
    ST24-5165 5 MM3/16"5/16"240.0172.09.4496.7728.40.3317.95/16"
    ST24-05 5 MM3/16"3/8"275.0195.010.8277.6779.90.3909.53/8"
    ST24-386 6 MM-3/8"271.0191.010.6697.5209.90.3909.53/8"
    ST24-07 7 MM9/32"1/2"333.0237.013.1109.33113.10.51612.71/2"
    ST24-08 8 MM5/16"1/2"333.0237.013.1109.33113.10.51612.71/2"
    ST24-588 8 MM5/16"5/8"408.0285.016.06311.22016.30.64216.05/8"
    ST24-10-5/8 10 MM-5/8"412.0290.016.22011.41716.30.64216.05/8"

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