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    Sta-Lok Dyform & Compacted Wedges

    • Compacted strand and Dyform wire ropes provide higher breaking loads and lower stretch than conventional 1 x 19 wire
    • There are 5 different constructions (1×7), (1×19), (1×25), (1×31) and (1×36)
    • Sta-Lok Swageless Self Fit terminals will terminate each of these constructions using different wedges (see table below)
    • How to fit self-fit terminals.
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    Inch OnlyMetric Only
    SKUWire Size (Metric)ConstructionCompactedDyformPack (Quantity)Weight per pack (KG)Weight per pack (LB)
    154-03C3 MM1x7YesNo50.0050.011
    154-044 MM1x7YesYes50.0050.011
    154-055 MM1x19YesYes50.0100.022
    154-066 MM1x19NoYes50.0250.055
    154-06C6 MM1x19YesNo50.0220.049
    154-077 MM1x19NoYes50.0280.062
    154-07C7 MM1x19YesNo50.0250.055
    154-088 MM1x19YesYes20.0170.037
    154-1010 MM1x19YesYes20.0330.073
    154-1212 MM1x19NoYes10.0330.073
    154-12C1912 MM1x19YesNo10.0300.066
    154-14C1914 MM1x19YesNo10.0560.123
    154-1414 MM1x25YesYes10.0600.132
    154-1616 MM1x25NoYes10.1100.243
    154-16C2516 MM1x25YesNo10.1100.243
    154-19C2519 MM1x25YesNo10.1400.309
    154-1919 MM1x31NoYes10.1400.309
    154-14C3614 MM1x36YesNo10.0600.132
    154-16C16 MM1x36YesNo10.1100.243
    154-19C3619 MM1x36YesNo10.1400.309

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