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    Compacted Strand

    High Strength And Low Stretch Construction

    Compacted strand wire rope features high strength and very low stretch, providing this wire with excellent longevity and performance.

    • For larger sizes or any cable information not shown, please make contact with us. Our global sourcing arrangements allows us to secure a huge range of stainless-steel wire.
    • Values shown are for guidance purposes and may vary by manufacturer.

    Minimum break loads are listed but some variance on actual break loads can occur between manufacturers. An appropriate factor of safety should be applied before choosing or specifying a particular product. This factor of safety may be defined by industry standards, law or other regulations depending on the application. It is the consumer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate factor is used.

    Sta-Lok does not list a “safe working load” as this is dependent on the variable “factor of safety” which must be determined by the user relative to the application.

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    Left Hand Right Hand

    Inch Only Metric Only
    SKU Wire Size (Metric)ConstructionMBL (KGF)MBL (KN)MBL (LBF)MBL (KIPS)
    WC-3 3 MM 1x7 999 9.80 2202 2.20
    WC-4 4 MM 1x7 1,784 17.50 3,933 3.93
    WC-5 5 MM 1x19 2,440 23.93 5,379 5.37
    WC-6 6 MM 1x19 3,549 34.81 7,824 7.82
    WC-7 7 MM 1x19 4,909 48.15 10,822 10.82
    WC-8 8 MM 1x19 6,149 60.31 13,556 13.55
    WC-10 10 MM 1x19 9,769 95.81 21,536 21.53
    WC-12 12 MM 1x19 14,400 141.22 31,746 31.74
    WC-14 14 MM 1x36 19,286 189.14 42,518 42.52
    WC25-14 14 MM 1x25 19,346 189.72 42,650 42.65
    WC-16 16 MM 1x36 25,582 250.88 56,398 56.40
    WC25-16 16 MM 1x25 25,661 251.65 56,572 56.73
    WC25-19 19 MM 1x25 32,076 314.56 70,715 70.71

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