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    Boundary Cable Stud Assembly

    • The perfect solution for attaching boundary cables to membrane plates
    • Provided with 1No. Spherical Washer, 1No. Flat Washer and 2No. Full Hex Nuts as standard
    • Specifically designed to give total alignment and adjustment
    • Requires swaging onto wire rope
    • Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel
    • Right-hand thread only

    The breaking load of Sta-Lok products are greater than the specified breaking load of 316 stainless steel wire rope for each given wire diameter.

    In relation to the breaking load of products supplied by Sta-Lok, we comply with EN 1993-1-11 (2006): Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures – Part 1-11: Design of structures with tension components [Authority: The European Union Per Regulation 305/2011, Directive 98/34/EC, Directive 2004/18/EC]. Please reference page 19 showing a 0.9ke loss factor to swaged fittings. Subject to being part of a wire rope assembly supplied by Sta-Lok Terminals Ltd.

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    Left Hand Right Hand

    Inch Only Metric Only
    SKU Wire Size (Metric)Thread (Metric)B (MM)B (INCH)Construction
    BCSA-06 M10R 6 MM M10 68.0 2.677 1x19
    BCSA-06 M12R 6 MM M12 83.0 3.268 Compact Strand
    BCSA-08 M12R 8 MM M12 90.0 3.543 1x19
    BCSA-08 M16R 8 MM M16 111.0 4.370 Compact Strand
    BCSA-10 M16R 10 MM M16 111.0 4.370 1x19
    BCSA-10 M20R 10 MM M20 129.0 5.079 Compact Strand
    BCSA-12 M20R 12 MM M20 129.0 5.079 1x19
    BCSA-12 M22R 12 MM M22 146.0 5.748 Compact Strand
    BCSA-14 M22R 14 MM M22 146.0 5.748 1x19
    BCSA-14 M24R 14 MM M24 163.0 6.417 Compact Strand
    BCSA-16 M24R 16 MM M24 163.0 6.417 1x19
    BCSA-16 M27R 16 MM M27 165.0 6.496 Compact Strand
    BCSA-19 M27R 19 MM M27 165.0 6.496 1x19
    BCSA-19 M30R 19 MM M30 228.0 8.976 Compact Strand
    BCSA-22 M30R 22 MM M30 228.0 8.976 1x19
    BCSA-26 M36R 26 MM M36 232.0 9.134 1x19

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