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    7×19 Wire Rope

    Flexible, Multi-Strand Wire Rope

    The 7×19 stainless steel wire rope construction is the most flexible of the multi-strand wire ropes and is used for a wide range of applications. Often found for guardrails and balustrade applications where the curves, corners or angles are required.

    • For larger sizes or any cable information not shown, please make contact with us. Our global sourcing arrangements allow us to secure a huge range of stainless-steel wire
    • Values shown are for guidance purposes and may vary by manufacturer

    Minimum break loads are listed but some variance on actual break loads can occur between manufacturers. An appropriate factor of safety should be applied before choosing or specifying a particular product. This factor of safety may be defined by industry standards, law or other regulations depending on the application. It is the consumer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate factor is used.

    Sta-Lok do not list a “safe working load” as this is dependent on the variable “factor of safety” which must be determined by the user relative to application.

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    Inch Only Metric Only
    SKU Wire Size (Metric)MBL (KGF)MBL (KN)MBL (LBF)MBL (KIPS)
    W719-2 2 MM 231 2.27 509 0.51
    W719-2.5 2.5 MM 361 3.55 795 0.79
    W719-3 3 MM 522 5.12 1,150 1.15
    W719-4 4 MM 926 9.09 2,041 2.04
    W719-5 5 MM 1,447 14.20 2,528 3.19
    W719-6 6 MM 2,090 20.50 4,607 4.60
    W719-7 7 MM 2,610 25.60 5,754 5.75
    W719-8 8 MM 3,708 36.37 8,174 8.17
    W719-10 10 MM 5,791 56.80 12,766 12.70
    W719-12 12 MM 8,345 81.84 18,397 18.39
    W719-14 14 MM 11,358 111.39 25,040 25.04
    W719-16 16 MM 14,836 145.50 32,707 32.70

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