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    How to Adjust & Align your Tension Rod?

    Adjusting your Tension Rod System

    The clever design of Sta-Lok’s tension rod systems provides adjustment without the need for turnbuckles. Our standard system lengths are up to 3 metres. System lengths up to 6 metres can be manufactured to special order.

    Sta-Lok tie rod systems are supplied ready to install and can be fitted straight from the box.

    • Sta-Lok structural tie rods are manufactured with a right-handed thread on one end and left handed thread at the other end
    • When assembled with Sta-Lok end fittings, the adjustment is achieved by rotation of the rod in a clockwise or counter – clockwise direction, using the spanner flats on the rod
    • Where a rod connector is used to join rod lengths, the spanner flats on the body of the rod connector should be used to adjust the rod system
    • Where used, locking nuts should be firmly secured after adjustment
    • Sta-Lok rod systems are supplied pre-assembled and set at the mid-point of adjustment of each end fitting

    adjusting your tension rod system


    Sta-Lok structural tie rods fitted with clevis, adjustable forks or Spade ends should be correctly installed in the same plane

    Misalignment will lead to transverse loadings on connecting pins and connecting plates and may lead to damage on protective coatings.

    Aligning your tension rod system

    To find out more about Sta-Lok’s tension rod systems, speak to one of our specialists today:

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    Adjusting and Aligning your Tension Rod system

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