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    Sta-Lok Fork

    • Sta-Lok Self-Fit Terminal, the reusable alternative to swage
    • Only basic hand tools required
    • Quick and easy to install
    • No pre-measurement needed
    • Guaranteed stronger than wire rope
    • For right hand and left hand lay wire rope
    • Manufactured from high specification 316 stainless steel
    • For right hand and left hand lay wire rope
    • Packed for 1×19 wire as standard
    • Different wedges are available to terminate 7 strand & compacted wire ropes
    • How to fit self-fit terminals
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    Product Code: 034/134

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    Left Hand Right Hand

    Inch OnlyMetric Only
    SKUWire Size (Metric)Wire Size (Imperial)A (MM)A (INCH)B (MM)B (INCH)D (MM)D (INCH)P (MM)P (INCH)Weight (KG)Weight (LB)
    034-033 MM1/8"15.50.60910.00.3935.50.2165.03/16"0.0400.088
    034-044 MM5/32"21.10.83014.70.5806.40.2506.41/4"0.0600.132
    034-055 MM-29.51.16218.00.7088.00.3158.05/16"0.1000.220
    034-066 MM-37.11.45922.20.87511.10.43710.97/16"0.2200.485
    034-077 MM9/32"33.91.33325.10.99011.10.43710.97/16"0.2400.529
    034-07-1/27 MM9/32"43.91.72926.31.03513.70.54012.61/2"0.4200.926
    034-088 MM5/16"43.91.72926.31.03513.70.54012.61/2"0.4200.926
    034-1010 MM-50.11.97329.41.15513.70.54015.65/8"0.6201.367
    034-1212 MM-46.01.81233.31.31219.10.75018.53/4"1.1802.601
    034-1414 MM9/16"54.02.12538.11.50020.40.80321.57/8"1.5803.483
    034-1616 MM5/8"72.72.86140.01.57620.40.80321.57/8"1.9804.365
    034-1919 MM3/4"92.03.62250.01.97027.81.09327.51 1/16"4.1009.039
    034-2222 MM7/8"92.03.62260.32.37534.91.37533.01 5/16"5.60012.346
    034-2626 MM1"92.03.62260.32.37534.91.37533.01 5/16"7.60016.755

    For the most beautiful boats and buildings,
    choose sta-lok.

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