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    Ocean Bottle x STA-LOK

    Ocean Bottle is the award-winning reusable bottle that stops 1,000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean, while supporting coastal livelihoods. Fully recyclable and made from stainless steel and recycled ocean-bound plastic, the bottle keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. It has a double-lid for easy sipping, ice-filling and cleaning, and an easy carry loop for everyday use.


    • Every Ocean Bottle sale funds the collection of 1,000 ocean-bound plastic bottles before they reach the water
    • The award-winning Ocean Bottle helps support coastal communities, where collectors can exchange plastic for money and access social resources such as healthcare, education, mental health support and financial security
    • Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Ice and smoothies are all good thanks to their double opening, which also makes for easy cleaning
    • Includes 10-year warranty, replacement parts for life and the chance to save even more ocean-bound plastic every time you refill – just register your bottle
    • Dishwasher safe


    1 for 1,000

    Every Ocean Bottle sale funds the collection of 1,000 plastic bottles before they reach the ocean.

    We need the ocean

    Every second breath of oxygen we take comes from the ocean, yet we’re filling it with rubbish. By 2050, the plastic in our ocean will outweigh the fish. To avert this crisis, we don’t need a handful of people doing sustainability perfectly; we need millions doing it imperfectly. Small steps like choosing an Ocean Bottle over single-use plastic can make a big impact.

    A design-led bottle

    What’s the point in owning a reusable bottle if you keep leaving it at home? Ocean Bottle is so well designed it’s virtually cupboard-resistant. The double lid can be sipped from or unscrewed for rinsing and easy filling with ice and smoothies. The bottle has a smooth carrying loop you can hook over a finger while you eat or text. Every Ocean Bottle is made from double wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, but won’t leak or sweat in your bag.

    Good for you, good for the ocean and good for coastal communities

    A design-led bottle that supports coastal communities by providing finance, education and other social benefits in exchange for ocean-bound plastic collection.

    The Ocean Bottle app keeps on giving

    Register your bottle after purchase and Ocean Bottle will collect even more ocean-bound plastic every time you refill, as well as hooking you up with local refill stations.


    Make contact with your Account Manager to ask for further information and pricing.

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