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    Galvanised Wire Rope

    Sta-Lok is able to source and supply galvanised wire rope in 7×7, 7×19 and 6×36 (IWRC).

    • 6×36 (IWRC) – Provided with an Independent Wire Rope Core, the flexibility of this wire makes it a multi-purpose wire rope.
    • 7×19 – Commonly found in applications such as winch lines, garage door cables and gymnasium cables.
    • 7×7 – Widely used for many applications as it represents a good compromise between flexibility and breaking strength.

    Minimum break loads are listed but some variance on actual break loads can occur between manufacturers. An appropriate factor of safety should be applied before choosing or specifying a particular product. This factor of safety may be defined by industry standards, law or other regulations depending on the application. It is the consumer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate factor is used.

    Sta-Lok does not list a “safe working load” as this is dependent on the variable “factor of safety” which must be determined by the user relative to the application.


    Please note; Sta-Lok manufactures stainless steel fittings, which should not be used with galvanised wire rope, due to the galvanic reaction that occurs between the materials.


    Need Something Different?

    For alternative constructions or for larger sizes of galvanised wire rope or any cable information not shown, please make contact with us

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    SKUWire Size (Metric)ConstructionMBL (KN)Additional Information
    W77GALV-1.51.5 MM7x71.71Rope Grade - 1960
    W77GALV-22 MM7x73.04Rope Grade - 1960
    W77GALV-2.52.5 MM7x74.75Rope Grade - 1960
    W77GALV-33 MM7x76.84Rope Grade - 1960
    W77GALV-44 MM7x712.17Rope Grade - 1960
    W77GALV-55 MM7x719.01Rope Grade - 1960
    W77GALV-66 MM7x727.40Rope Grade - 1960
    W77GALV-88 MM7x748.70Rope Grade - 1960
    W636GALV-88 MM6x36(IWRC)44.70Rope Grade - 1960
    W636GALV-99 MM6x36(IWRC)56.50Rope Grade - 1960
    W636GALV-1010 MM6x36(IWRC)69.80Rope Grade - 1960
    W636GALV-1212 MM6x36(IWRC)100.50Rope Grade - 1960
    W636GALV-1313 MM6x36(IWRC)117.90Rope Grade - 1960
    W636GALV-1414 MM6x36(IWRC)136.80Rope Grade - 1960
    W636GALV-1616 MM6x36(IWRC)178.60Rope Grade - 1960
    W636GALV-1818 MM6x36(IWRC)226.00Rope Grade - 1960
    W636GALV-2020 MM6x36(IWRC)279.00Rope Grade - 1960
    W636GALV-2222 MM6x36(IWRC)338.00Rope Grade - 1960
    W636GALV-2424 MM6x36(IWRC)402.00Rope Grade - 1960
    W719GALV-33 MM7x196.39Rope Grade - 1960
    W719GALV-44 MM7x1911.35Rope Grade - 1960
    W719GALV-55 MM7x1917.74Rope Grade - 1960
    W719GALV-66 MM7x1925.50Rope Grade - 1960
    W719GALV-88 MM7x1945.40Rope Grade - 1960
    W719GALV-1010 MM7x1971.00Rope Grade - 1960
    W719GALV-1212 MM7x19102.20Rope Grade - 1960

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