RTP System M6 - M36

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Designed for application in Glass facades, providing tension and support between steel members. Fully machined with sleek geometry, developed to meet the requirements of modern architectural designs.

System lengths up to 6 metres are available, rod connectors can be used to achieve longer spans.
For lengths over 3 metres please give us a call.  

Your system length is measured in metres from RTP end to RTP end. Please note threaded bar is not included but can be supplied if required. 

The table below gives technical data to help select the rod diameter and RTP end dimensions for your fixing points.
All measurements are in mm.

Yield Load KN
 8.9 16.4 26.1 38.1 72.1 103.6 129.5 149.2 196.4 238.7 349.2
Breaking Load KN
 12.5 23.0 36.6
53.4 100.9 144.0 180.1 207.5 273.3 332.1 485.8
+/- Adjustment
15 15 15 15 15 15 20 20 20 25 25
A 45 51 61 63 75 89 105 119 130 140 161
B 14 17 25 32 38 44 50 57 63 69 82

Finish Options

RTP ends and conical nuts are available with
satin ( 240 grit) finish as standard.
Highly polished finis is optional. 

240 Grit 



Tie rods and fittings are threaded left hand one end and right hand the other. +/- adjustment is achieved by rotation of the rod in a clockwise/counter clockwise direction.


Conical locking nuts have been designed to cover Tie bar threads at mid adjustment. Providing a clean line between the rod and end fitting.

Ready to Install

Tie Rod systems are supplied ready to install. RTP ends are pre-assembled and adjusted to customer's end to end requirements.

Important note about delivery and shipping cost
Please be aware that our lead time can be up to 4 weeks.
Shipping cost may increase depending on your location and total weight of your order. You will be contacted by our sales representative if there are any changes to your shipping cost. This applies to products: F34, F33, RTP System.
You may wish to contact our sales team before confirming your order.

See our Tie Rod / Tie Bar System Installed at the Birmingham Bullring.

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