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    Bronze Eye & Swage

    • Bronze Turnbuckle assembly, supplied with a Threaded Eye (C770) at one end and a Swage Stud (051) at the other
    • Forged from high strength bronze alloy
    • High quality polished chromium finish
    • Stronger than the wire rope
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    Product Code: B44

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    Left Hand Right Hand

    Inch OnlyMetric Only
    SKUWire Size (Metric)Wire Size (Imperial)Thread (UNF)C (MM)C (INCH)D (MM)D (INCH)H (MM)H (INCH)Adjustment (MM)Adjustment (INCH)Additional Information
    B44-033 MM1/8"1/4"8.40.3316.00.2366.41/4"76.02.992-
    B44-1444 MM5/32"1/4"8.40.3316.00.2366.41/4"76.02.992-
    B44-044 MM5/32"5/16"9.50.3746.50.2568.05/16"83.03.268-
    B44-51655 MM3/16"5/16"9.50.3746.50.2568.05/16"83.03.268-
    B44-055 MM3/16"3/8"11.00.4337.80.3079.53/8"92.03.622-
    B44-3866 MM-3/8"11.00.4337.80.3079.53/8"92.03.622-
    B44-066 MM-7/16"12.00.4729.30.36611.17/16"100.03.937-
    B44-71677 MM9/32"7/16"12.00.4729.30.36611.17/16"100.03.937-
    B44-077 MM9/32"1/2"13.50.53111.50.45312.71/2"104.04.094-
    B44-088 MM5/16"1/2"13.50.53111.50.45312.71/2"104.04.094-
    B44-5888 MM5/16"5/8"18.30.72013.60.53516.05/8"126.04.961-
    B44-1010 MM-5/8"18.30.72013.60.53516.05/8"126.04.961-
    B44-1212 MM-3/4"22.50.88618.00.70919.53/4"168.06.615*Eye machined not forged

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