Sta-Lok Terminals and Turnbuckles are available for both metric (mm) and imperial (inch) wire rope.

All Sta-Lok products in this section are related to or based on the metre as a unit of length – ‘metric form’. i.e. “Wire rope is available in 3, 4 or 5mm” .

For imperial dimensions please click here.

Many of our products are available in larger sizes to special order.
Eye Toggle Range
Eye Toggle Range
Imperial Fitting - Bronze Turnbuckles for Marine Boat & Rigging
Bronze Turnbuckles
Stainless Steel Swageless Terminals - Metric Sizes
Sta-Lok Swageless Terminals
Stainless Steel Turnbuckles
Stainless Steel Turnbuckles
Sta-Lok Backstay Insulators - Metric Sizes
Sta-Lok Insulators
Supajust Turnbuckles
Supajust Turnbuckles Open Body
Swage Terminals
Swage Terminals
Supajust Turnbuckles Closed Body
Supajust Turnbuckles Closed Body
Stainless Steel Cable Guardrail Fittings - Metric Sizes
Cable Guardrail Fittings - Metric Sizes
Stainless Steel Wire Rope and Cable - Sta-Lok
Stainless Steel Wire Rope
Sta-Lok Toggles
Turnbuckle Spare
Turnbuckle Spares